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Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion

From Mashable:

One of the most crucial metrics marketers monitor is that of conversions. Now, conversions don’t always indicate a sale, but the metric does indicate that a person took some action that pushes them a bit further down the purchase funnel.

via Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion.

If you have a web page “hit” or a unique visitor that is nice but has little value unless the visitor picks up the phone and makes a call. How do you measure a conversion? Makes a call, schedules and appointment or becomes a long term patient?

Early web pages were measured purely on traffic, that is the number of hits. As we have become more sophisticated we have learned that conversions matter as much or more than traffic. In other words we need two things.

  1. Good optimization to drive people to our web site.
  2. Good web design to convert shoppers to callers.

The following graphic combines education and healthcare for an average 8% conversion. Frankly I am not sure exactly what they are measuring. However for us that would mean that for every 100 visitors we get 8 appointments. Is that good? What about your site? Look here for some web site design help from Sesame Communications.


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