Marty Jablow: Yellow Pages?

by Larry Emmott on January 18, 2010

in Digital Marketing

Interesting stats from Marty Jablow. Click for the whole chart but the basic numbers are that Google and Yahoo account for almost 82% of searches. Yellow pages not so much…0.3%

I have not been in my local Yellow Page directory for years. For my practice and area I determined it was not worth the cost. One thing the sales folks are always telling me is that Yellow Page search is used a lot. I don’t think so. Look at the December 2009 search chart.

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Facebook January 20, 2010 at 4:42 pm

John Flucke I get a large statistical part of our phone calls based on finding the phone number online. The YP is still working for me in my area, but not nearly as well as it used to. In the not too distant future I can see doing away with it.

Mon at 10:42am • Larry Emmott John do you have an enhanced yellow page online? Or just the standard , Enhanced means they push you to the front of the line standard they have to scroll to your name…not likely.

Mon at 12:36pm •

Warren Bobinski I have been skeptical about Yelow Page advertising for years – You can get more information in seconds just by searching on Google or Yahoo (or maybe Bing) that I think the Yellow Pages are becoming less relevant.
The power of a good referral has always been the way most business grows – and the Social Media like Facebook and Twitter have strong applications for this ‘referral’ type of business in the future (in my humble opinion)
Warren B

Success in Dentistry and Life!
PS – the only time I have picked up the yellow pages in the last year was when it was delivered, and to check all the Dentists advertising 🙂

Mon at 10:45am • Mark Giebelhaus We stopped our Yellow Pages advertising several years ago for all of the reasons mentioned above.
Mon at 10:48am •

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