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Most Facebook Fans of Small Businesses Arent Local

According to the linked article the vast majority (like 85%) of people who “like” a local business do not live in the area. This has obvious implications for dentists. Almost all our “customers” our patients are local. In fact very local. Location and convenience are prime factors for people choosing a dentist.

The theory is that a practice Facebook page will allow the dentist to communicate with patients in a general way and create a “community” of happy patients digitally extolling the virtues of the practice and sending scads of new patients to the office via Facebook.

Maybe. Maybe not. It would be interesting to see how many people who “like” a dental office page are in fact local patients.

…evaluated more than 800 small businesses with Facebook presence. Only 15 percent of the average local business fans are actually in the city where the business is located.

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