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Newspapers escalate their fight against ad blockers

From The Washington Post:

But consumers often find those smartphone ads to be intrusive and pesky. Today users are blocking 11.7 percent of all ads, according to a recent survey by the ad-blocking company and Wells Fargo.

Source: Newspapers escalate their fight against ad blockers – The Washington Post

The publishing business has been fundamentally changed by disruptive technology. It will never be the same. The business model and revenue sources  are no longer viable.

Never the less the industry keeps fighting to reverse history and get things back to the way they were.

It is the same in any industry, including dentistry, well established practitioners who have thrived under the old system will fight to keep things the way they were. Often they sincerely believe the new way is not as good and will harm the customer. Incidentally the new way will also cut into their income or maybe even put them out of business.

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