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Patient Use of Smartphones Increasing

From DoctorBase

We’ve already seen the number of mobile phone users in the U.S. eclipse the number of people who use computers. Now there’s a shift happening within mobile itself with the movement from ‘dumb’ feature phones to smartphones. Over the past year, smartphone usage has increased 7% in the U.S. And, these smartphone users are increasingly using these smartphones to go online

via Patient Use of Smartphones Increasing.

Two things to consider in order to take advantage of this trend. One, have a mobile version of your office web page and two an app for your office.

Both of these ideas accomplish similar results, that is a site that is easy to read and navigate using a smart phone. The mobile site should concentrate on the essential items people want to communicate and work with you. That is your phone and e-mail, and your office address with maps and directions. Secondarily they can check an appointment, confirm an appointment, or request an appointment.

In very broad terms you can think of it as the difference between a brochure and a business card. Your office brochure can have lots of impressive graphics and details about you and the office. Your business card just has the details.

Your web developer can help.

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