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 Pinterest is the new darling of the social media world. As the linked article states it has grown from nowhere to the third largest social media platform (behind Facebook and Twitter). The user base is mostly female and mostly young (under 35). The second link is to a more basic Pinterest 101 type of article.

What now? Is there a way to “monetize” the site? Pinterest has opened the site to businesses and some pioneering dentists have launched Dental Practice Pinterest pages. However this is so new no one knows if it will work or even how to work it.

Users of the site are concerned that commercial entries will ruin what they found to be fun and useful.

Pinterest has been one of the fastest-growing social networks to ever hit the web and is now the number-three most popular social network in the U.S. It comes up right after Facebook and Twitter,

via Pinterest: Its Time to Go Pinternational.

Pinterest Basics

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