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SEO Dental Case Study

The following comes from an e-mail newsletter from Cactus Sky Communications

Dental Case Study

Location: Baltimore MD
Practice: General Dentistry
Time Frame: 9/1/09 to 10/1/09

Google Search Results during Time Frame:
Denture = 368,000 searches
Dentures = 301,000 searches
Extractions = 235,000 searches

Prior to the campaign, the Dentist was averaging 10 inquires per week for dentures and less than 5 per week for tooth extractions.

SEO Campaign Results:
  • 862 Visits to the Doctors website
  • 482 People reviewed his service offerings
  • 230 Printed out directions to the office
  • 165 Requests for the “Dental Kit”
  • 50 inquires a week for Dentures
  • Three tooth extractions per day.

RESULTS: Campaign yielded enough NEW business that the Dentist had to hire another Dentist to keep up with the increased demand.

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