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Social Business Reality Check

Another article that is similar to this and this. Is social media a real and valuable marketing tool?

…despite some notable success stories, most companies that have tried to launch social marketing campaigns have realized few material benefits from the effort and expense invested. Has social business run its course?

Rather than make you read two more pages of text to get to the answer, I’ll just offer it up right here: No.

The article is well worth reading, however to summarise: Social Media marketing success is possible but not easy or assured. Social media (by design) is a two way street and it is just (or more) important to listen as it is to make statements. We do not yet have meaningful measures of success with social media. It is easy to start a social media site for free but the effort to maintain it is not free. It requires the time of a qualified person and that is not free.

Social media is not just Facebook and Twitter it includes a whole set of tools that may be more appropriate for a dental office. In other words what may be valuable is not necessarily a Facebook page it may beĀ setting up a way that patients can communicate with you through a web forum.

via Social Business Reality Check: Move Beyond the Hype – PCWorld Business Center.

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