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Social networking popular among boomers

Just finished my lecture on social networking. There is a lot of interest from the dentists and those serving the dentists (tech vendors) on social media. Articles like the one linked below continue to tell us how everyone is jumping on board.

Yet I can’t help but think we have no idea what it all really means or where it is going or how to take advantage of it. One of the attendees at my sessions said that in his opinion all the (easy)¬†profits to be made from social media like Twitter or Facebook have been taken and now there is too much clutter and too much expense for social media to be effective.

Maybe. On the other hand it keeps growing. It is a powerful way to reach large numbers of people. We have nothing similar to compare it to so we can not easily predict what will happen. On the other, other¬†hand…I am certain something will happen, the world and how we connect will change even more. I can’t tell you exactly what to do to take advantage of those changes except to continue to pay attention.

More than 25 percent of Americans 50 years and older stay connected using sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

via Social networking popular among boomers | Reuters.

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