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Ten Time Saving Tips for Your Social Media Campaign (Part Two)

A Guest blog from Deploy Dental. The opinions expressed are from Deply Dental not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices.

This is the second half to an article that was first published last week. For tips 1-5 look here


By: Deploy Dental

6.      Schedule Your Posts

If you’ve created some of the work in advance (as described in the previous tip) then you can schedule the post to be published at a later date.  WordPress and other blogging software has this functionality built in, and there are many applications that can provide this for Facebook and/or Twitter.  Some of the popular options are Hootsuite, Tweetdeck,, and

7.      Link Your Accounts

If you are utilizing many different Social Media tools (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, etc.), link them to each other so updates are immediately published across all platforms.  Facebook and Twitter can each be configured to do this internally, but linking your blog to will require a plug-in or using a third party application such as Hootsuite,, or

8.      Repeatable Topics

Instead of constantly trying to create fresh ideas, try to create one idea that can be used multiple times.  For example, a dentist can make weekly posts on oral health tips, or have a “Case of the Week” in which they detail a memorable appointment (without mentioning patient names of course).  Another variation of this is if you are covering a somewhat extensive topic.  Instead of going into great depths in one post, break it into smaller portions and make it a series of articles.  This both gives you more posts and can build anticipation with your followers.

9.      Delegate Tasks

They say that “many hands make light work,” and that couldn’t be truer than it is with Social Media.  If you have a trusted team of employees/coworkers then consider sharing some of the Social Media responsibility with them.  If several people are each responsible for generating one Tweet, Facebook update, and/or blog post every week, then you will quickly create large amounts of content.  You may also want to split tasks by platform.  One person in charge of Facebook, one for Twitter, etc.  You can also then rotate responsibilities every so often so none of the tasks become too monotonous for any one individual.

10.      Consider Outsourcing to Professionals

Finally, if you have come to the conclusion that you simply cannot spend the required time that it takes to manage a Social Media campaign, but still want all the benefits, you can outsource the entire process to a Social Media marketing firm.  If you choose this route, however, you should be diligent in researching the many companies that offer these services.  They will be speaking directly to your clients on your behalf, so they should have a thorough understanding of your business and industry, and be willing to adapt to your specific needs.  A reputable company should also be able provide a solid strategy for improvement and optimization of your campaign.

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