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The Ensuckification of Facebook Continues

Slam Facebook day part three. One and two below link to articles that question how effective Facebook actually is as a marketing resource. This article points out that the whole layout of the new “Timeline” is…well I’d say awkward. The author just says it sucks,

It’s official: Facebook is forcing us all to switch our profiles to the new “Timeline” format, whether we want it or not. I can assure you that, empirically, it sucks.

via PJ Lifestyle » The Ensuckification of Facebook Continues.

2 replies on “The Ensuckification of Facebook Continues”

I’m on Facebook a lot. I use a personal page daily. I think you can’t get the most out of an office Facebook page without using a personal page quite a bit. I promote my office page and my blog by having a conversation with my personal Facebook friends. I feel like I get good representation of my postings by posting stuff on both my personal page and my office page. It’s just my two cents, your mileage may vary!

I enjoy your blog, Larry!

Thanks for the comments. My personal Facebook feelings are ambivalent. On the one hand I am in awe of 900 million users. On the other I see very few dentists actually benefiting from Facebook. Maybe we just need to learn how to use it. Then again maybe it isn’t such a great marketing machine

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