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The Perfect Facebook Post

Major findings from a report from Buddy Media that studied over 200 business Facebook pages for two months.

Keep it short: Facebook posts containing 80 or fewer characters had a 27 percent higher engagement rates than longer posts. However just 19 percent of all posts were that short.

Brand-specific URLs:  Engagement rates are three times higher for posts that use a full-length URL. Readers are reluctant to click on a shortened URL that does not give an indication of where they are going.

Post after hours: Messages published outside of business hours had a 20 percent higher engagement rate than those that posted during office hours. It is important that a Post appear at the top of fans’ News Feeds when they are most likely checking their Facebook page.

Thursday and Friday: Engagement rates were 18 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays compared with other days of the week.

Ask don’t tell: Posts with question words have a 15 percent higher engagement rate. If you want a Like, or a comment ask for it directly.

Don’t sell, promote:  Readers are more likely to respond to “events” and “winning” than more direct attempts to promote or sell.

The report contains a number of good takeaways, including its findings on post length…

via The Secret to a Perfect Facebook Post : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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