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The Roach, the Brand and Social Media

From Bruce Terkel

Think back twenty years ago. You had just checked into your hotel. You went up to your room and found a disgustingly large cockroach scrabbling around in your bathtub.

After you screamed or screeched or hopped up on the toilet tank, you called the front desk and…

…Now picture what would happen today:

You walk into the bathroom and find the same damn roach partying in the tub. What’s the first thing you do — scream? No, you take a picture of the bug with your smartphone…

via TURKEL » You Do Not Control Your Brand..

Read the whole thing, I saw Bruce deliver this as a short bit at the NSA humor lab in Vegas. His message absolutely relates to dentistry. You may not be interested in the Internet but the Internet is intersted in you.


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