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The Value of Facebook Isn’t Likes or Fans

The Mashable article linked below is right and valuable for dentists…but

…the real value of Facebook as it pertains to business growth and acquiring new customers. It isn’t about getting strangers to like you, it’s about getting exposure with the friends of your fans. These are the best prospects for you, and you already have a foot in the door because one of their friends, someone who they trust and respect, has already made the choice to do business with you.

via The Real Value of Facebook Isn’t Your Likes or Fans.

The article makes two points that are important for dental offices. The number of people that “like” your dental Facebook page does not in itself have value. Trolling for “likes” from strangers, that is non-customers, has limited value. In other words a marketing campaign designed to lure in strangers just for a “like” is not likely to result in new business. A dental Facebook page with 1500 likes is not necessarily more valuable than one with 500 likes.

What does have value is the community. Think of Facebook as digital word of mouth referrals. If someone “likes” you both n the Facebook meaning and in reality they are more likely to refer you to a friend or someone they know. That is their cohort of Facebook friends.

An active Facebook community of 500 active patients who refer others is more valuable than a community of 1500 random people who do not feel connected and do not refer. That is all true, but.

It is very difficult to track income and referrals it is very easy to track likes. So we measure that which is easy to determine and is quantifiable. Plus although it is not necessarily true it is probably true that if you have more “likes” you are probably going to get more activity and referrals.

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