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There is an App for That

I found two new companies at the CDA providing phone apps for dentists. They are similar, they both provide some basic functionality and I can see some areas of improvement. However they are much better than what we had before which was…nothing.

The concept is that each dental office creates a custom phone app they make available to patients. The apps, like all phone apps, are a single button that resides on the main screen of your phone. When a patient opens the dentist app she gets several options including: Office hours, Map/Directions, Request an appointment, link to web site and contact us via e-mail or phone.

The Dental Anywhere app has a unique pain management center. On the other hand DDS App has a feature that allows users to send a photo to the office for evaluation. They also include referral features.

Think of these apps as dental business cards of the future.

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Gladly, we’re finding that dentists are very receptive to new uses of mobile technology and apps that help them run their practice. I’m excited that we’re able to help dentists become more efficient by using NextRoom for the their inter-office communication. In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a few new features for NextRoom that are directly addressing requests by the dental community.

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