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What do People Search for on Google?

The following is a screen shot of an actual Google adwords analysis of four dental key words or phrases. This depicts the actual number of times people searched those terms in Phoenix. Notice the single word “dentist” has by far the most searches, 165,000. It goes down from there with people searching 590 times for the phrase “all on four”.


I recently had a conversation with a dentist regarding web page SEO. That is the process that can supposedly get your web page on the top of the “organic” Google results by inserting key words and other secret stuff. My contention is that SEO has very little value in any large city as the organic results for a word like dentist usually have very few actual dentists. Check it out yourself, Google “dentist” and see what comes up. In most larger cities it will be Wikipedia, Yellow pages, Yelp, Healthgrades and maybe the ADA.

He responded that people don’t actually search for such a generic term as dentist and that a sophisticated web marketer optimizes for other things.

The screen shot shows two things. A lot of people do in fact Google “dentist”. However that is unlikely to result in them finding you. On the other hand if you can identify a more specific target like “all on four” and optimize that it could work out. There may only be 590 people looking but chances are they are serious shoppers and all you need is one or two a month out of the 590 to choose you for it to pay off.

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