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What Graph Search Means for Dentists

facebook-graph-search-iconIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare from Feb 2013.

With over one billion users, Facebook has been an amazing phenomenon that dentists could not ignore, yet there has been little evidence that having a dental office Facebook page has any direct benefit. However, the new Graph Search feature changes everything…

n the past having a practice Facebook page was nice and getting patient likes allowed you to connect with them on a regular basis. This could generate goodwill and might possibly lead to referrals or better retention, but there was no way to actively promote this and actually measure results. Hopefully if a person asked their Facebook friends for a dental referral your patient might refer to you. In that way Facebook has become the digital equivalent of the office water cooler or the backyard fence.

With Graph Search the person looking for a dentist does not have to ask and hope for a response he or she can search their social graph to see which dentists their friends like.

Compare this with a typical Google search. If you type in the word dentist into Google you will get a list of dental referral sites as well as some dentists in your area. Which dentists show up? Those who are Internet savvy have paid a web designer for good SEO and or paid Google to show up on a PPC ad. Are those dentists any good? Will you like them?

With a social Graph Search you are finding dentists your friends use and like. It is much more like an actual personal referral than a random Google search.

via Emmott On Technology: What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for Dentists |

I wrote the linked article nineteen months ago. At that time it looked like Facebook’s “Graph Search” had vast potential to impact how people find dentists and other services. However so far no one seems to have noticed. Hardly anyone in my seminars has heard of Graph Search and dentists are not seeing new patients as result of Graph Search. It has essentially disappeared from the tech press.

In addition new research indicates that very few people (6%) who like your business page actually see your Facebook posts. At this time I do not believe that Facebook has much value for the typical dentist.

On the other hand I still like the concept of Graph Search, but so far it has been a bust.

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