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Where did my Google reviews go?

Guest blog from Sesame Communications:


Believe us, we wish we had a 1-800 contact number for Google. Unfortunately, we don’t. Meanwhile, more and more instances of mysteriously missing Google reviews are popping up across the Googleverse (and not just for our members). Increasingly frustrating and dubiously annoying, if you’ve experienced Google’s “Missing Reviews Conundrum,” you’re probably asking yourself, “Just exactly what on earth is going on here, and what can I do?”

Well, so are we.

As your dedicated search and social specialists, it’s our job to keep you updated on what’s going on and work to make sure your practice is connecting and interacting with your current and potential new patients online. So, allow us to share with you what we’ve found!

Firstly, and this is really, really important: Google’s guidelines for reviews have become a lot stricter. Simply said, Google certainly isn’t making it easy on businesses to acquire those important reviews. For instance, Google will only allow one review per person. And here are some other issues we’ve come to find:

  • Copy/pasting the same review for multiple locations is also not allowed (Google will go right ahead and delete both instances of that review)
  • Putting URLs in reviews for multiple locations will result in the review being flagged as spam
  • If Google now finds content on the web that is the same as a Google review, it will be promptly escorted off of your Google reviews list
  • If a reviewer accidentally misspells a doctor’s name, you guessed it: Google will not post that review

Daily, the Sesame Social team is looking for new ways to help practices acquire acceptable reviews. Here is one unique suggestion from well-known local search marketer, Mike Blumenthal: “If you are a high volume dentist you may need to simply hand out a piece of paper explaining the review process rather than actively soliciting reviews of 20 clients a day via email.” More arduous? Maybe… But it is important to roll with Google’s punches. Staying creative and flexible (and understanding that your specialist didn’t write the rules) is your number one strategy for optimizing your practice’s reviews on Google!

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