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Why Facebook’s dual news feed pilot is a nightmare

From MoneyControl:

The social network is piloting the idea of splitting its news feed into two, which would effectively result in bucketing of posts from the pages you have ‘liked’ into a separate tab (called ‘Explore’), while updates from your friends and family remain on your primary news feed.

However, anyone can advertise with Facebook to get their content seen in the primary news feed alongside updates from friends and family.

Facebook unilaterally controls what gets seen by users on their primary feed and sells that privileged access for a price, even if that content is not liked by the user.

On the other hand, the content that the user has actually liked is relegated to a secondary tab.

Source: Opinion: Why Facebook’s dual news feed pilot is a nightmare for publishers

So far this is just an experiment in limited areas. However it has caused an uproar in the online community, especially publishers. In some ways this is just an extension of the existing Facebook systems that limits who sees what you publish on your business page. Some people interpret this to mean that in order for a business to have any of its Facebook postings seen by anyone, even those who have liked the page, the business will have to pay to get it in the public side of the new dual news feed.

The value of a patient “liking” your dental business page is approaching zero.

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