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Why Online Conversations Don’t Matter Anymore (and Never Did)

facebook-logoFrom Amex Open Forum:

Your customers don’t want a conversation online.

At least, they don’t want one with your brand. Instead they want to get things done. They want to learn something new. They want to be entertained. And sometimes they do want conversations … but they want them with their own friends and family. People want to talk to other people, not companies.

via Why Online Conversations Don’t Matter Anymore (and Never Did) | The New OPEN Forum.

The linked article reflects my ambivalent attitude toward Facebook. On one hand I am in awe of what they have done. One billion users, half of whom log in every day. I am one of them. The online power and interconnectedness is amazing, and yet. I am not convinced that Facebook really provides value to a typical dental practice.

What I have seen in the last year are Pedodontic and Orthodontic practices having the most success getting “likes” on their practice Facebook pages. These highly successful practices have a thousand or more likes, more typically a dentist has a few hundred at best.

The promise of getting Facebook likes was that all those patients who liked you would get messages pushed to them whenever you posted on your Facebook page. But that is not how it works. Facebook uses secret formulas to determine who gets what. You do not necessarily see everything your friends post and the patients who have liked you do not see everything you post on your dental page.

In fact if you have 400 likers your post may only be seen by 20. Facebook is eager to help you with this by charging you a fee to “boost” your message so that more people see it.

On the other hand what might really change everything is “Graph Search”. This is a new Facebook feature that has been rolling out in the last few months that allows you to search your social graph for things like, “Dentists my friends like.” If search results are based on likes those likes suddenly become far more valuable.

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