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Why You’re losing money with PPC ads without realizing it

If you’ve been running an ad campaign with Google adwords, Facebook or any online source but you’re not getting the business that you expected, you have to find out why.  After all, people have been building successful businesses with google Adwords so why is it not working for you? In order to find out you have to start with conversion tracking.

Source: | Why You’re losing money with PPC ads without realizing it. –

The linked article emphasizes two critical items we have recommended for years.

It is not the clicks that matter it is the conversions. Your Google ad or web page might be great at attracting web surfers but if those random surfers do not become patients then the time and money spent to attract them is wasted. Don’t just track clicks track conversions. Then even better track how much income those converts generate.

Do not send people who click your Google or social media ads to your standard “generic” home page. Create special keyword rich landing pages that are specific to the ad-words. For example if the ad-word is implant do not send the person who clicks the ad to your home page but to a specific page on implants with a clear call to action, either a phone call or an online appointment. This also lets you easily track those all important conversions we talked about.