The Smartphone Market Is Now Bigger Than The PC Market

Smart phone use is growing faster…much faster than PC growth. Already large numbers (200 million on Facebook) of users access the Internet through a mobile device and the numbers will be increasing. What does that mean for dentistry? 

At the most basic level it means sending e-communications that a patient can access from a smart phone. This includes text message reminders and e-mail. Be sure you are asking for and recording patient’s cell numbers and e-mail addresses in their electronic patient record.

For more advanced dental practices it means optimizing your website for viewing on a smart phone like an iPhone or Blackberry. Regular websites are usually slow to download and difficult to read and navigate on a smart phone.

Sesame Mobile reduces image sizes and only contains the information that patients want to access on mobile devices, such as contact information and links to location and directions 

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Only three years after the iPhone launched, the smartphone market is already bigger than the PC market.

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