Office Design

17 Elements of an Attractive, Comfortable & Highly Productive Dental Office

These are design elements from Dr. David Ahearn of Design Ergonomics


  1. Clearly identifiable patient entrance.
  2. Staff entrance screened from view.
  3. Immediate visual and physical access to front desk.
  4. Waiting Room seating removed from traffic flow.
  5. Patient bath visible but removed from waiting area.
  6. Major portion of open front desk does not face the seating area.
  7. Conference room accessible by Dr. without passing waiting area or front desk.
  8. Conference room minimal exposure to treatment noise.
  9. Treatment room isolated from front desk.
  10. Treatment room alignment does not channel noise from room to room.
  11. Treatment area is compact with no segregation of doctor and hygiene staff.
  12. Dr. Office near treatment rooms.
  13. Radiology area does not block traffic flow when in use.
  14. Space for mobilizing technology.
  15. Sterilization and supply close to treatment areas.
  16. Staff lounge isolated from treatment and business areas.
  17. Expansion easily accommodated with minimal practice disruption.

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