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At the ADA

I heard at the ADA meeting that Planmeca was showing a new impression scanner built into the dental unit. The Planmeca system now called PlanScan was the old E4D system. I went looking for it eager to find out more and predisposed to really like it. What a disappointment.

The PlanScan instrument uses a USB plug in, that’s good but they insist you only plug it into their special laptop. The sales woman even tried the old line that it was in my best interest to use their closed system. The unit can only communicate using their closed network and then they stick a mini tablet on the unit taking up very valuable chairside real estate that can only be used with their system. I can’t run Dentrix or anything else on it I can only view what they let me. All for my own good…please…really?

Just let me plug it into my chairside computer, let me use a standard monitor and let me store the scans on my server and transmit them to the lab of my choice using the Internet. Don’t make me buy yet another laptop and don’t insult my intelligence by insisting it benefits me for you to keep me captive in your private garden.

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