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Dental Tech Resolutions for 2019

High Tech Dental New Year’s Resolutions

1. Before you purchase new technology resolve to use what you have now more effectively. Chances are you already have some pretty sophisticated technology and you are not getting all you could from it.

Plan at least two technology training session for the team and the dentist in the coming year. Plan it now and budget the funds needed, don’t wait until you get around to it.

2. Beware of old dogs. Resolve to upgrade and maintain your technology infrastructure. For most offices this means workstation computers in the treatment rooms, the business area and the dentist’s office networked to a central server. Computers age like dogs, indeed faster than dogs. Computers need to be constantly upgraded as newer versions of software are released, including Windows. Then they should be replaced every three to four years.

3. After the first two are done resolve to eliminate paper and have completely digital patient records in the next ninety days. How? Look here.

4. Take data security seriously. Resolve to do the HIPAA basics. The first thing the 2013 omnibus rules require is that the office assign a security officer to oversee data security and HIPAA compliance. The second item is to do a technology assessment. A technology assessment is not a do it yourself project. Get an experienced dental IT professional to help you and your staff do the assessment.

Encrypt your data.

5. Use the Internet more effectively. Claim your Google my business page in the next thirty days. If you have already done this make sure it is up to date, has all the correct practice information such as phone numbers and has some good professional photos.

Get a professional web page.

Office web pages are not just for new patients. Consider spending less on web site optimization and more on adding functionality that supports existing patients. At a minimum this should include online appointment requests, online bill pay and online forms.

6. And finally, just like last year, lose ten pounds and visit the gym twice a week. Happy New Year.