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Treatment Rooms - AhearnLast month I was visiting a dental office in a small town helping them upgrade their technology and go paperless. Part of that process inevitably includes room layout and design. That is – where do the computers, the monitors and all the rest go in order to enhance the new digital workflow. To my surprise this rural office, hours from any major city, had one of the best designs I had seen in a long time.

Most dental office floor plans and treatment rooms were designed before computer technology became important. Or they are designed by equipment sales teams who know a lot about selling dental equipment but may not know so much about clinical treatment, workflow and digital technology.

When I told the dentist how well designed his office was, that it was much better than average, he informed me that it had been designed by Dr. David Ahearn  and Dental Office Design Ergonomics.

Dental Office Design Ergonomics By Dr. David Ahearn DDS.

I have visited with Dr. Ahearn in the past and we discussed various aspects of dental office design and technology. I was impressed with his approach and felt he was obviously smart and talented as his opinions were much the same as mine (an obvious sign of intelligence:-)). However this was the first actual office “in the wild” that I had visited. It was nice to see my impressions were valid.

For more help designing treatment rooms that support high tech see here:

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