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Get Paged on Your Wrist


Doctor Meow – Receive pages directly on your wrist

  • Add privacy to your messages

  • Do not waste time checking boards and post-it notes

  • Remove the noise from your intercom system

via DoctorMeow.

Doctor Meow is a new service that pushes office pages directly to a Pebble watch on your wrist. No sticky notes, no running down the hall and waiting, no expensive and out of date light system.

The system is simple. The doctor is called to a room with a simple message and a sound alert. Text messages can be added. Once the doctor arrives he/she can check in.

The system times how long the doctor takes to respond to the call and how long he/she spends in the room.

At last hygienists will have a way to really know how long it takes for the doctor to come in for the exam. Is it two minutes like the dentist believes or more like the twenty minutes hygienists complain about.

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