Inventory Management

by Larry Emmott on May 21, 2013

in Management,Office Design

Cubex uses a digital cabinet to store inventory and track usage. An online management program called SIM (Smart Inventory Manager) gathers the data, and even places orders automatically as needed.

One of the first things most dentists and team members notice is that the Cubex cabinet seems much too small to hold all your supplies. The basic cabinet is the size of a large bookshelf, about 77 inches high, 51 inches wide and 24 inches deep. (Larger models are available if needed.) It seems too small but once you organize the supplies you actually use and reduce the amounts you have in stock to what is really needed it is in fact large enough for most offices. When you see all the “stuff” you had stored in cabinets, piled in the closet or stuffed under the sinks fit into a single cabinet that has about one forth the capacity you were previously using it shows you how much we were wasting in excess inventory and storage space.

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