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Lessons from the Trail

2015-03-06 14.45.03Katherine Eitel (the lioness) wrote a fun newsletter article about our bike ride last week. That is Katherine along with Danny Bobrow posing next to an enormous giant saguaro.

Probably due to the fact that I must have strongly resembled a 2-year-old holding on for dear life on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, Larry decided I might need a few tips to make it out in one piece. Here’s the advice he gave me:

  1. Get off the seat and allow the bike to do the work it’s designed to do for you.

  2. Always be looking ahead, further down the trail (instead of straight down at your front tire and solely at the immediate obstacle.)

  3. Center your weight over the bike.

  4. Get in the right gear for the current terrain.

  5. Pray like hell. (Just kidding!)

via Monday Morning Stretch | Breathing life back into your practice, your team and YOU!.

She managed to make some insightful conclusions from our adventure that you can apply to business and life. Worth a read.

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