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NEVER run out of anything

Inventory control in the dental office can almost always be summed up in two thoughts: I don’t want to ever ever run out of something when I need it…and I can’t bear to face my supply closet because I know it is filled with expensive stuff I will never use.

Dental inventory control is usually assigned to a staff person and the doctor only occasionally checks things out. The prime directive the staff person is taught to follow is to always have what the doctor needs; to never run out of anything. If you run out of anything when the doctor asks for it dire consequences await the poor staff member.

As a result the staff member in charge of ordering has a huge incentive to purchase early and often. There is essentially no incentive to purchase wisely and save on inventory.

VsupplyTechnology can help. There have been a number of programs designed to help dentists with inventory control but so far they have all been less than satisfactory. A perfect system would know what the doctor used, it would track how much of everything is on hand, it would track what and when something was used and it would place an order when any item reached a critical low point.

There is a system which promises to deliver on this ideal. Cubex.

Cubex uses a digital cabinet to store inventory and track usage. An online management program gathers your data, and orders as needed. Follow the link to learn more.

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