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by Larry Emmott on February 25, 2014

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NoLightsMinnesota dentist Dr. Bryan Laskin was looking for a communication system for his new office. Old fashioned light systems were tried and true but are also extremely expensive. Newer digital systems were better but none seemed to fit his needs. So he invented a brand new tablet based system he calls OperaDDS. Now he has bundled additional communication systems into a suite of products.

The original product is OperaPager. You can customize OperaPager to your needs, creating user profiles for everyone on the team and single-touch messages or individual and group notices that will work best for your office. Or you can choose from a set of predetermined messages and options.

The two new services are free HIPAA compliant encrypted e-mail called OperaSend and a system to collaborate with colleagues called OperaChorus.

OperaChorus is a secure online communication portal that allows you to communicate in real time. If a specialist across town needs to ask a quick question about a case, you can simply collaborate instead of engaging in a complex, mind-numbing, time-wasting, old-school game of phone tag.
It can also be used to check in with your labs, fill out a script, and track a patient’s progress. Records are stored securely and cheaply in the cloud.


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