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Plan for Flexibility

One undeniable truth about technology is that it is changing at a remarkable rate and whatever we do now is likely to change over time. For that reason build in flexibility. Don’t hard wire everything with built in cabinets but think in terms of modules and access points, which can be changed.

If you are building or remodeling; plan four access points for wiring. Wiring could include network cable, monitor cables, electrical wiring, USB cable and more. The four points are each side wall, the rear wall and the floor under the chair. Place large conduits with 2-3″ internal dimensions from the ceiling to each point and under the floor. Another good idea is to have finished channels or spaces in the walls and ceiling to run wires. In this way the technology components can be easily moved or changed.

The other item to plan is lots of electrical outlets. When you get the computers in the treatment rooms you will need power for the computer, for the monitor, for speakers, for Impressions or CAD-CAM and possibly some other new goodies.

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