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The Babble voice privacy machine by Sonare Technologies

Check it out here The Babble

As dentists we have both a legal and an ethical responsibility to protect our patient’s confidential information. If you are telling a patient what you found when you examined them, asking about a medical condition or making financial arrangements no one else in the office should hear what you are saying. Especially not another patient in an adjacent room or sitting in the reception area. Now there is a high tech device that creates a zone of privacy to protect you and your patient.

Babble is perfect for people who work in open offices and for people who work with confidential information in industries such as finance, law, medical records, human resources, homeland security and businesses regulated by HIPAA. Providing voice privacy without walls, Babble protects your spoken words from the people around you. Just add Babble to any office, open workspace or cubicle to camouflage your voice for total confidentiality…..The easy-to-use Babble features a compact footprint approximately the size of a tape dispenser. ….At the push of a button, you’ve got voice privacy on demand, rather than emitting a continuous stream of white noise. Babble is only on when you need it and can be turned off when you don’t.

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