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Too Many Goals = No Goals at All

From Marcus Buckingham:

If you overwhelm your people with tons of goals, or many sub-goals, you run the risk of them trying to do everything in a superficial or inadequate way. Instead, try to create total clarity around a few — probably 4-6 a quarter is about right.

What is true about goals in general is also true about implementing technology in particular. If you try and do everything all at once you are likely to be frustrated and discouraged.

Let’s say you want to add a digital pan, launch a practice web page, convert to paperless charts, add photos to every patient exam and install CAD CAM. All of those things will benefit your practice but you are doomed if you try and do them all at once.

People can only cope with so much change at one time. If suddenly everything is different then people simply slow down and quit. People, that is both the team and the dentist, will be frustrated and burn out preferring to slip back to the old way of doing things and your new technology never gets implemented properly.

For example; switching to paperless records is not an event – you don’t do it in a weekend – it is a process that will take from three to twelve months. First you create a system to digitize everything in the paper chart, and then you stop making paper. However you will still refer to the old paper records as needed to review last year’s x-rays or see when some treatment was done. By the way we refer back to these old records far less often then we imagine.

NOTE: Do not try and scan all your old records in order to go paperless it is a big waste of time and money,

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