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2015 – High noon for federal health records program?

SFrom Politico:

2015 promises to be a critical year for determining whether electronic health records will enable physicians to communicate with each other efficiently to create better care. If they can’t get their systems to interact, the program may be seen as largely a waste.

via High noon for federal health records program? – Arthur Allen – POLITICO.

Many doctors hate the clunky, time-sucking software they got through the massive subsidy program…

I would change many to most.

I am a huge fan of electronic paperless records and am pained to see them so thoroughly botched up.

The failure of EHR can be traced to two major issues which happen to be two of my major pet peeves.

  1. Government mandates have resulted in clunky time consuming systems. Inevitably when the government decides what must be included the resulting system is not designed to provide service to the patient or improve efficiency for the doctor. The system is designed to provide what is important to the government.
  2. Proprietary systems limit data transfer. As long as the companies providing the technology can keep users hostage in a walled garden they can charge exorbitant fees to manage and transfer the data.

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