Your Practice and Patients Will Love Going Paperless

A Guest blog from Dayna Johnson. The opinions expressed are from Dayna not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices.


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Reasons Why Your Practice and Patients Will Love Going Paperless

You’ve probably heard it: “It’s the 21st century—go digital.” It sounds like an easy feat until you start to apply it to your practice. With tried and true methods of filing and billing, switching over would be a lot of headache, right?

Wrong. For the business side of running your practice, dental practice management software is the solution for going paperless, which will save you and your patients money.

Today’s Patients Expect Digital

Many patients expect their information to be available to you and them in seconds. No one wants to be sitting in a chair while their dentist fumbles with papers or deciphers handwritten notes.

Your younger patients are certainly more likely to respect your practice if it is up-to-date with technology. Studies have shown that 91 percent of millennials find digital documents more current. But if catering to 20-30 year olds isn’t your goal, consider the fact that 64 percent of all American adults own a smartphone, and even users aged 50 and older are regularly texting and emailing.

Patients Will Love It

Being able to correspond via email or text message, including appointment reminders and statements, streamlines the process of communicating with patients. Not only can they access all the information from their handheld device, they also can do it at a time that is convenient for them, rather than during business hours.

Many people claim that a visit to the dentist is inconvenient to fit into their busy schedules. Save your new patients time by making forms available to fill out online beforehand will cut down on their time in your waiting room.

Without physical files to keep organized, your office staff can focus on building personal relationships with your patients. The better experience the patients have during their visit, the more likely they are to keep returning.

Gets Your Office on the Same “Page”

Being connected with interoffice chat systems, digital patient files and easily accessible information ensures that everyone in your practice will see each other’s notes and comments about a patient—from scheduling to billing to their favorite flavor of toothpaste.

Plus, any team memos or reminders can be sent out to the whole staff for easy communication between shifts and departments.

Enhanced Security Features

There is not much security surrounding a printed piece of paper, even with the likes of envelopes and shredders on hand. But going digital provides confidential, password-protected arenas for patients to look at their dental information and billing with confidence that HIPAA laws are being upheld, and that no prying eyes will see their charts.

Additionally, the paperless system comes equipped with automatic backups for patient charts, X-rays, insurance claims, billing statements and calendars, so you never have to worry about accidentally tossing an important document.

Need more reasons to switch to digital? Download this infographic to find out how your practice can become more efficient, consistent, and secure.

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