Dentrix Tip – Creating Clinical Note Templates

by Larry Emmott on April 23, 2015

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dentrix screenTired of typing the same clinical note information over and over again? Set up custom Clinical Note Templates to prompt you to add important information such as dates, type and amount of anesthetic used, and type of materials used to ensure your notes are detailed and accurate.

via Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Creating Clinical Note Templates.

Pre-written Templated notes are added to the chart automatically every time you complete a procedure. Pre-write your digital notes starting with what you usually hand write in the chart but keep in mind that you can now add detail that it is impractical to include in manual notes.

Here is a sample procedure note for an onlay preparation:

 ONLAY PREPARATION. Reason for onlay: remaining tooth structure is unable to support a direct restoration; the alternative restoration would be a full coverage crown not a direct filling. Discussed treatment with patient including alternatives, patient understands and consents to treatment. Topical placed, 1 Carp. Aritcaine 4% 1:100 epi, Shade: XX .RD Placed. Prep tooth remove alloy and decay. Flowable base, condition 8 sec. Optibond solo plus, flow. Light cured for 20  seconds. Laser troughing for impression. 0.8W Cont wv. safety glasses worn. Oppos. alginate imp. Bite regist. mousse. onlay Imp.PVS. Temp fermit. No complications. P.O. Instuc. rto prn. N.V. set onlay.

NOTE: You write these note one time, you do it very well then you never have to do it again. The notes will go in completely every time you complete a procedure. All you need to do is make minor edits such as the number of carpules and tooth shade.

Some dentists want to be able to speak in their notes using voice recognition software. This seems like a slick and sexy way to do it but is n fact less effective. The dentist needs to remember to say the same things every time and then add any specifics. And it actually takes longer to say in the notes than it does to make minor edits on a templated note.

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