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Diagnostic Coding Kerfuffle

From Dr. Bicuspid:

With the proliferation of electronic health records (EHRs) and a growing emphasis upon accountability in healthcare, diagnostic coding will become increasingly important

via Dental Practice Management.

I read this in Dr. Bicuspid, found it interesting but frankly did not care much for the attitude of the guy they quoted from UCSF. However I am for anything that will advance the effective use of technology in dentistry. Then I found the following from Titus Schleyer. Quite frankly Dr. Schleyer knows a whole lot more about this than I do.

Does dentistry really need more than one diagnostic vocabulary?

In case you had to guess, the answer is “no.”…

So, what should we make of all of this? I fear that neither effort at developing a dental diagnostic vocabulary will produce a very satisfying result in the long term, unless some radical changes are made. Even worse, the tug-of-war and duplicate work consumes precious resources that dentistry, as a profession, can ill afford to waste.

Read the whole thing here: The comments are interesting as well.

Dr. Schleyer makes a number of well-informed remarks; however in my opinion the most interesting is that the whole concept of a vocabulary is out of date. Vocabularies are being replaced by computer ontologies which are far more powerful and sophisticated tools.

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