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by Larry Emmott on May 25, 2016

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To create a paperless electronic chart you must first examine what you are now storing on paper. Generally the items in the chart fall in one of four categories, personal, financial, treatment or diagnostic. You will need a system to create all of these items in a digital format. The leading practice management systems like Dentrix or Eaglesoft are designed to do just that. They will create and store most of the items in the personal financial and treatment categories.

To create digital diagnostic information, the practice will need a digital x-ray system, a digital camera with image management software. More advanced diagnostics could include perio readings from Florida Probe or caries detection from The Canary.

The only paper items left are what the rest of the world sends. That is paper from insurance companies, specialists, dental labs, other dentists and finance companies. Many of these forms and notices are now coming to use in a digital format however if you are still getting or using paper then…

Scan  it. When some paper arrives that should be kept in the patient record such as a follow up letter from a specialist, the office administrator opens the letter, puts it on the scanner and within seconds the letter is copied into the patient record. The original paper is then shredded.

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