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MedicTalk DentForms Paperless Dental Software

eForms-v4With DentForms, patients’ can electronically complete their forms either online or on a computer in your office. All of these forms can then be electronically signed with a digital signature pad or touch screen monitor in your office.

via MedicTalk DentForms Paperless Dental Software | The Dental Record.

I have tried several electronic forms systems. My favorite is DentForms. Mostly because it works. Sadly many other systems look great but don’t actually work as advertised on a consistent basis.

You can set up the system to work online, with a tablet or on a desktop workstation. DentForms will integrate with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and many other Practice Management systems. The office can use the pre-made forms or completely customize them. Once the forms are filled out the patient can sign with an electronic signature pad.

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