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I recently received a call from Ed Dolan a dentist from the Seattle area. Ed told me how he was using some imaginative online e-services to outsource basic office work. I thought it was a creative way to leverage technology in ways we have yet to consider in dentistry. With these online e-services you can begin to create a completely paperless office not just a paperless record. I asked Ed to write up some short articles outlining what he was doing. Here is the first installment.

Interested in creating a paperless office?  I found a service that enables us to view and manage our postal mail online.

 It’s called Earth Class Mail (ECM).  After signing up for the ECM service, they gave us a new mailing address.  Our ECM address is Lakeview Dental P.O. Box 34628 #29275 Seattle, WA 98124 (The #29275 is our ECM number) 

We gave out our new mailing address to insurance companies, our patients, and our vendors.  So now our postal mail goes to downtown Seattle, and is opened and scanned at ECM.  If there is a paper check in the mail, they deposit it directly into our business bank account.  Then I direct ECM to shred, recycle, or store our postal mail.  Utilizing this service helped us to eliminate one full-time employee in our office.  It eliminates the need to open mail, prepare a bank deposit and drive to the bank to make a deposit.  Obviously, this also helps to prevent embezzlement.  When my receptionist receives a check payment over the counter, she mails the check to ECM for scanning and deposit.  

Having the EOB information accessible online has enabled us to outsource our data entry to a woman who works remotely from home in Georgia.  On her dual monitors she logs into our ECM account on one monitor and logs into our Dentrix software on the other monitor using  Then she posts payments from patients and insurance companies by viewing the EOB information in ECM and manually entering information into each patient s individual ledger in Dentrix.  I have utilized ECM in my practice for the last 2.5 years and am very satisfied with their security and high level of customer service.  

Utilizing this service has increased my peace of mind knowing that we are minimizing the opportunities for embezzlement through separation of duties.  

After our vendors mail payables to our ECM address, my accounting firm in South Carolina logs into ECM and pulls the PDF files of our bills from ECM and enters them into  Then I log into, view the PDF files of the bills, and either approve or deny the payments online.  Then takes an ACH transfer out of our business bank account and distributes the payments to our vendors.  The benefit of this is that it has eliminated the need for me to personally sign paper checks and we no longer keep paper checks in our office.

If you would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact me:

Edward S. Dolan, DDS
Lakeview Dental
Mobile:  425-283-9656
PO Box 34628 #29275
Seattle, WA 98124

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