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Online Service for Dental Patient Records

From RecordLinc FAQ.

RecordLinc is a powerful, easy to use and secure Web based Portal where dentists can upload and share their patient’s X-Rays and related records when they refer their patients to specialists such as Orthodontists, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Endodontists etc. RecordLinc is the largest professional network of dental professionals in the world. The tool is designed to facilitate communications and strengthen relationships¬†among dental professionals. The system links dentists and specialists together in a virtual team environment that supports real-time case planning and ongoing collaboration through online study clubs.

Online Dental Software for Dental Patient Records | RecordLinc.

RecordLinc addresses one of the issues we have not handeled very well up to now. That is the transfer of digital data from one dentist to another in a secure yet easy to use fashion. Folow the link and check it out.

If you are a dental specialist this is a great way to connect with your referring dentists.

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