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Dayna-Johnson-headshot-black-new---webFrom Dayna Johnson:

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clinicians is, “I don’t have time to enter all that stuff in the computer and I am not going to stay late.” My response is, “I don’t want you to stay late. You have a family to get home to and that is why we are going to create systems that are as efficient as possible so you can get out on time.” Efficiency saves time, money, and your sanity. No matter what practice management software or imaging software is installed, you can create efficient solutions to help the front office team and the clinical team.

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 I have been a huge advocate for electronic (paperless) dental records for years. The linked article from Dentrix goddess Dayna Johnson outlines issues she has encountered helping offices “go paperless”. She makes the point that there is no clear single path or standard for e-records. On the other hand she outlines three core components; Efficiency, Consistency and Security.

However I was struck by the bit quoted above. I also have encountered numerous dentists and dental team members who find any number of excuses to avoid getting started. The too busy one is classic. What they are saying is that I can’t devote two or three hours today to set this up in order to save an hour a day every day for the rest of my practice life.

Of course resistance to change has very little to do with logic and everything to do with uncertainty.

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