Should dentists adopt electronic dental records?

A blog posting from Titus Schleyer

Whether to go paperless or not is not only a significant, but also a very personal, decision for dental practices. Not only is “going paperless” it a fairly involved process. It also consumes a non-trivial amount of time, money and resources.

via Should dentists adopt electronic dental records? | Dental Informatics Blog.

His take is more moderate than mine. Titus sees all the issues with EDR and relates them to problems we had converting from horse and buggy to automobiles in the previous century. He sees paperless EDR records as an inevitable future but does not think it is something we all need to be doing right now. My take is the sooner the better.

He relates an interesting finding from 2006 to today the number of dentists with paperless records has gone from less than 2% to 15%.

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