Switch to electronic medical records painful

Another mainstream journalism article on physician’s frustration with EMR. HT Titus Schleyler

The service cancellation by Chicago-based Allscripts, which employs 1,200 people in Raleigh, is believed to be the first instance of a major vendor of electronic medical records pulling the plug on an electronic medical records system.

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This is similar the the article from the WSJ here

From the article it seems that physicians and hospitals are going through the software wars that dentistry endured in the 1990s. There are too many vendors, no one knows what they really need or want. But often what they want is not what they need.

All this is complicated by the much larger complexity of the medical market and the economic power of the entrenched special interests. (Hospitals, Insurers, Medicare, AMA et al) No to mention the distortion of politics offering incentives that tend to result in software written to the regulation rather than to the needs of the users.

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