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The Basics of Creating a Paperless Dental Practice

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One of the fastest growing trends in dental tech is “going paperless.” Creating paperless electronic patient records is not only possible with current technology it is highly desirable…

If you want to join the trend and start using electronic records what do you need to get started?

Integrated Practice Management Software: The first essential element is software. Look at a paper chart. What all do you have in there? Forms, medical histories, tooth charts, radiographs, treatment notes, prescriptions, perio charts, financial information, treatment plans, specialist reports, lab slips, insurance information, consent forms and more. Your management software must allow you to re-create all that in a digital format as part of an electronic record.

The leading dental management systems such as Dentrix and Eaglesoft have been designed for paperless records and will work well. If you have a different management system you like and want to keep, you should seek out an office using it to make paperless records and arrange to visit and see how they do it…

Computers in the Treatment Rooms: It should go without saying, but some dentists still resist putting computers in the clinical area…

Note: New ways of computerizing a dental office are on the way. The standard server client network is being replaced by cloud based servers with local thin client computers or mobile hand held devices in place of desktop clients. These new systems promise to reduce the initial cost of hardware and the need for constant upgrades. The potential is fantastic, but for now these new systems are still developing and for most dentists seeking a trouble-free, proven system, the client server model is still the best

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Frequently I visit with dentists who have everything they need to go paperless but still hang on to the old paper charts. The most difficult step is the final one…just do it.

Sometimes dentist are putting off going paperless because they dread scanning all the old paper records. There is a good solution for that…don’t do it. Keep the old paper records as an archive, pull a paper chart when needed, which you will find is a lot less than you expect, and just make everything new paperless and everything old is paper. Going paperless is a process not an event.

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