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There is no 2014 Deadline

-paperless-notesIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare from March 2013.

This from the January 21 ADA News,

“If you believe the rumors, every dentist in the country will have to go paperless by this time next year…The truth is, no dentist is required by the federal government to use electronic health records or implement digital radiography systems by 2014”

Like many federal programs the whole Electronic Medical Records (EMR) thing is confusing. Supposedly you would have to read it to know what is in it but even then it is not clear. What there is, is a lot of confusion, speculation, scare tactics and vendors willing to exploit the confusion in order to sell dubious solutions to dentists. The same as we saw when OSHA and then HIPAA first plagued the dental profession…

There is no emergency. There is no mandate to go paperless. However, don’t wait around for some bureaucrat to tell you what to do. EDR makes sense for many reasons even if the law does not require it.

via Emmott On Technology: Debunking Electronic Health Records Deadline Rumors |

This is a very persistent rumor. It came up again in association with a recent webinar I presented. There is no actual federal deadline as such but there is a deadline for medical providers to get subsidy dollars for “meaningful use” EMR adoption. Essentially none of these dollars are available to dentistry. Even though there is no government mandate there are still many good reasons to go paperless, not the least of which is that it will save time and lots of money.

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