Why the Economic Payoff From Technology Is So Elusive

From the NYT:

Dr. Sutherland bemoans the countless data fields he must fill in to comply with government-mandated reporting rules, and he concedes that some of his colleagues hate using digital records

Source: Why the Economic Payoff From Technology Is So Elusive – The New York Times

A long article that covers many issues but fails to make the most important connection. The reason physicians are frustrated with EHR is not the technology or the lack of benefits it is the government subsidies and mandates. The mandated reporting and meaningful use rules have resulted in software designed to satisfy the bureaucrats. It was not designed with the needs of the physicians the patients or the people using the software.

The article also referenced research from McKinsey:

The McKinsey researchers examined 22 industries, measuring not only investment but also the use of technology to change how work is done. Some industries, like technology, media and financial services, were well along, while others, like health care and hospitality, trailed.

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