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Yankee Lectures Feb 1

I am looking forward to presenting two lectures on  Paperless Records and Using the Internet at the Yankee meeting Friday February 1:

8:00 am 

Using the Internet Effectively

The course will review how the Internet has had and will continue to have a more profound effect on the world in which we live than any other technological advancement of the past century, including cars, planes, electronics, telecommunications, and all the rest. It will affect our lives in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

Learning Objectives:
›› Review the reasons to have an office web page
›› Learn to protect your online reputation Use the Internet to support existing patients
›› Discuss four ways to drive traffic to your web page
›› Understand social media and how it works

1:00 pm

The Paperless Office

This course will discuss how it is possible to create a completely paperless dental record. Attendees will learn that going paperless can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Learning Objectives:
›› Improve record keeping with digital technology
›› Discover how to avoid high-tech mistakes
›› Discuss how to reduce costs, making care more accessible
›› Learn about new digital diagnostic devices for perio and caries
›› Review how to keep patient records safe, secure, and up-to-date
›› Understand how to use the Internet for professional communications

Plus: I will be presenting two hands on sessions with the help of Sesame Communications the day before Jan 31.

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