Management Paperless

You Need People to go Paperless

“Going Paperless” is based on computer technology so it is only natural to focus on the computers and the software when planning to go paperless. However the technology is only half of the equation. If the people in the office aren’t prepared and enthusiastic the technology alone will never work.

This includes the dentist, some dentists are actually proud of the fact that they don’t know the first thing about the office computers. That is just foolish; the dentist does not have to be a mouse master with intimate knowledge of every click and cranny of the software in order to go paperless however the dentist must know the basics, the dentist must know what is possible, or else the whole system will never make sense.

One of the frustrations dentists and team members encounter is cook book failure. That happens when someone just knows one way (like step by step cook book directions) to use the software but he/she does not understand what is being done and why. When that happens just one slightly different or neglected step and the cook book fails. The user is lost and has no idea how to find their way back.

It is not enough to know which icon to click you must know why you are clicking it and what you wish to accomplish.

To avoid cook book failure users need to have a general understanding of Windows. You need to know how to turn on your computer system, how to use a mouse, click and drag, right click, open close dropdown and navigate the Windows file system.

However basic training on using your Practice Management System is not enough. You need to have “Going Paperless Training”.

Hire a trainer and then ask the trainer to teach the dentist and staff how to do the following:

  • Set up CDT Codes with fees etc.
  • Create extra codes for things like crown delivery or suture removal.
  • Create and set up progress notes.
  • Enter everything on the digital chart you used to enter on the paper chart.
  • Existing restorations, conditions such as decay or fracture, treatment to be done, perio conditions and all the rest
  • Set up and create prescriptions.
  • Set up and create lab slips.
  • Scan papers and store them in the record.
  • Import data from another application.
  • Export data from the chart.
  • Merge data from the chart to a document.
  • Bridge to other data or applications such as photos or radiographs.

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